Breaking News: IE 8 Beta 2 is RTW

RTW = Released to Web

ie8_hover_new_thumb Internet Explorer 8 is taking browsing to a whole new level!  ..and the release cycle has also reached a new level, with the release of Beta 2. 

My friend and coworker Matt “Mongo” Hester has been doing some excellent work on creating screencasts all about what’s new, cool, useful, and secure, etc.

Check out his blog post, with links to his screencasts, here.

Are you an IT Pro?  You would be very interested in seeing this video interview with James Pratt (up on TechNet Edge) around how IE 8 will impact you and your business users.

And finally – GET IE 8 Beta 2 HERE!

UPDATE – I’ve installed it.  Wow.. I’m loving the search providers and accelerators. 
Have you installed it yet?  What do you think?

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