Hmm.. I wonder what this is going to be…

Microsoft Hardware Home 

Microsoft Hardware – Home Page

…seriously, I don’t know.  But I love my Microsoft Mouses (Mice?  Meeces?)

5 thoughts on “Hmm.. I wonder what this is going to be…

  1. Nothing to worry about, it’s just the new cerebral implant mouse.  They hired Sienfeld and Stephen Hawkings to do the commercials, and they are really so cool.  The catchphrase for kids this Christmas will be, “Prepare to be absorbed.”


  2. Mark DePue, Microsoft Research and Development Manager at the Desktop Experiences Group said at the Bloomberg Bootcamp:
    "This year we’re introducing two new mice with our breakthrough tracking technology called Blue Track. The key to it is that it uses a big blue beam. And this is unlike any tracking technology that’s been introduced to date. What it does is it gives you the ability to work on more surfaces than you’ve ever been able to do before. You’ll see people taking their notebooks to more areas of the house. You’ll also see business travelers who are in a different hotel room every other day want the ability to navigate on difference surfaces. Maybe it’s a granite desk in one hotel and maybe it’s a wood grain in another hotel. And this technology gives you the power and the flexibility to be able to track wherever and whenever you want."


  3. Larry – Love it!
    Blake – Cool!  I hadn’t heard about it before I saw the hardware site.  Thanks for sharing that!


  4. This is great news.  I’ve always had trouble with my laptop when working on the wings of stealth bombers.  My luck, they will now paint them blue.


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