Scary Smart

Klein Bottles - Yes, its inside really is its outside, which is its inside..  Wrap your head around THAT! Clifford Stoll wrote a book 20+ years ago called “The Cuckoo’s Egg”, which was his novel about how he helped track Soviet-backed computer hackers to their source.  I bought the book after seeing him interviewed.  Watching this man literally JUMP from idea to idea, rocking and moving as if his brain were going so much faster than his mouth or his entire body could keep up with; even that alone was inspiring.  And I credit that book as one of the reasons I switched my main focus from Music to Computer Science.  (Don’t worry – the world didn’t lose another Stravinski because of it.)

This morning I stumbled upon a more recent video of a lecture Clifford gave at a TED Conference back in 2006.  If you are in need of a little motivation or inspiration, and have 18 minutes to spare, you should view this video.

I was glad to see that this amazingly smart mind is still inspiring people.

One thought on “Scary Smart

  1. He’s an interesting guy. When I was at Berkeley in late 80’s I’d see him wandering the campus doing yo-yo tricks while he was walking.


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