Chris "Blue" Henley - IT Pro Evanglelist My friend and coworker Chris Henley has recorded a really useful screencast all about how the TCP/IP stack in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 have significantly improved… and how you can benefit from it.

Here is his blog post.  Or you can view his video here:

2 thoughts on “Stacked

  1. Well, in spite of your name e-mail name, I’ll address your question here.  
    Have you talked to Verizon?  Or whoever your carrier is?  It’s an all-to-common misconception that Microsoft has updates available.  In the world of mobile phones, the OS really has to come from the phone service vendor.  Because they are the ones that have
    to support it, they want a good experience for their customers.  So they tailor the OS to match the device, pre-configure applications, etc.  When an update is available from Microsoft, it usually takes phone vendors some time to make versions available for
    existing devices.  Sometimes they decide that they won’t even make updates available – depending on the device in question and whether it will sufficiently support the new OS.
    But in your case, I think you may be in luck.  A quick search on "samsung i760 mobile 6.1" (
    came up with this upgrade information on the Samsung site:
    Maybe now it will be less likely that you hate me.


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