Breaking News: Essential Business Server 2008 is RTM!

RTM = Released to Manufacturing

Essential Business Server 2008

It’s a big week!  Not only is Microsoft releasing an update to the Zune software today, but yesterday (September 15, 2008) the newest offering of Server products – this time specifically for mid-sized businesses – is released:  Essential Business Server 2008

Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is an enterprise-class server solution designed and priced for midsize businesses.  Windows Essential Business Server 2008 provides a unified Administration Console to manage an integrated IT infrastructure with the latest versions of management, messaging, and security server technologies.  By helping to improve IT manageability and reliability, Windows Essential Business Server 2008 turns a midsize IT infrastructure into a strategic asset, boosting productivity and growth. Grow your business with Windows Essential Business Server 2008.”

“Blah blah blah.. But what is it really, Kevin?”

Well.. Microsoft has always had good products; Operating Systems and Applications, both for Servers and for PCs.  And this was great for big businesses.  But small businesses often didn’t need or have the resources (money or IT staff) to work with them.  So Microsoft got smart and created Small Business Server, which is basically a bundle of software, all on one server, easily administered (non-IT folks can do it), and affordable.  So now small businesses of 75 or fewer PCs or people were quite happy; as happy as the big businesses.

But… there’s been a portion of businesses who were not served by either.  These are mid-sized businesses.  They have 50-300 PCs.. and ONE OR TWO over-worked, stressed out IT people (been there, done that).  This person would love to have the benefits of bundled software in a configuration that makes sense for the size of his/her business.  “Just give my business all the best Microsoft Software, but bundle it on three or four servers in a way that makes sense.”

And give me a price break!”

Absolutely.  Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is like Small Business Server 2008, but bigger.  Instead of 1-2 servers, it’s 3-4.  Instead of limiting you to 75 users or desktops and under, we’ll let you grow to 300.  Instead of costing the sum total of all the software you get, we’ll give you a good deal.  A VERY good deal.

The official launch date for the Essential Server Solutions (both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008) is November 12.

Check out the RTM announcement on the EBS Team Blog.

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