A Personal Photosynth Example

Joe "Almost Eagle" Remde Just a few minutes ago I sent the following e-mail to the members of the Boy Scout Troop that my two boys belong to.  My eldest just completed the work-portion of his Eagle Scout project last weekend…

The photographers, or even the more “geeky” among you will appreciate this…

Today I took a set of photos of the final result of Joe Remde’s Eagle project.  (Thanks again to all of you who came and helped!)  I uploaded the photos into a new photo-navigation invention that Microsoft Live Labs recently made available called “Photosynth”.  In a nutshell, the software on this site is able to take multiple photos, and based on the common content it discovers in them, it is able to create a composite 3-D world that you can zoom in, out, and through, in order to see the location from all angles.

Photosynth of Joe's Landscaping Job Here’s the link to the “synth” of the completed Hamel Fire Station landscaping:


It works best with a good Internet connection and a mouse with a wheel that can help you zoom back and forth with – but clicking on the arrows on the screen works well, too.

Those of you more interested in Photosynth specifically can find out more here:  http://www.photosynth.net

There are some great examples of famous photographed landmarks that you can zoom around and view photos of, too.

Kevin Remde
Proud parent of Joe “Almost Eagle” Remde

UPDATE: check it out – I can embed the Photosynth right in the blog post:



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