Early Announcement: The “Career Assist”

Microsoft Learning Well.. Ken Rosen announced it early.. so it’s fair game.  And it’s just cool enough to warrant a blog post.

On Friday of this week the folks at Microsoft Learning will officially announce a new benefit to the “Second Shot” program that they’re calling “Career Assist”.   Basically, when you sign up for the free do-over before you take any Microsoft certification exam, you can also “get ANY Microsoft Official E-Learning Collection for only $35 USD!

Watch the “Born to Learn” blog, and the Microsoft Learning web site for details.

“But what if I’m already signed up for the Second Shot?”

No problem.  You can (and should) just register again, so that you can get the discounted e-learning.

Remember.. this doesn’t go live until sometime on Friday, February 6.  So don’t tell anyone you heard it from me.


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