Resources for my “Connections” presentations in Orlando, FL

Hello all,

Today finds me in Orlando Florida. I’m currently listening to Harold Wong talk about Exchange Disaster Recovery options  (good stuff), but I’m not paying completely attention (obviously).  But I thought I’d take a moment and direct you to the resources I put together for my three PowerShell talks I gave today.  The related links, and an attached .zip file containing the script demo samples and the slide decks, can be found here:

Kevin’s Connections 2009 Event Resources

“So..what are you doing for the rest of the conference?”

Well.. after Harold gets done droning on and on about DR, I think several of us will play the pitch-n-putt course here at the resort.  And then we’re going to have dinner with Esther S., a Sr. Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

Tomorrow I get to do “booth duty”, so come and find me near the Windows 7 station, or just wandering around in my Microsoft shirt answering questions.

And Wednesday night I go home.. so I’m thinking there may be some time poolside between now and then.  (grin)

One thought on “Resources for my “Connections” presentations in Orlando, FL

  1. Thanks for the slides, Kevin! I’ll look forward to reviewing them when I have a few minutes of peace and quiet!


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