Kevin’s “Connections 2009” Event Resources

Orlando – March 16, 2009

NOTE: My demo scripts are attached to this post.  You’ll find the attachment at the bottom.

E-mail Technical Questions: Kevin Remde –

Feedback e-mail to my boss: Harry Caldwell –

IT Manager Community Hub and Forum

Thrive: “Me > My Skills > My Organization”

28% off Special TechNet Plus Subscription Promotion –
Yes, $$$ off of a TechNet Plus Direct Subscription,
and even more on the others!

Use Promotion Code TNITE04 (that’s ZERO-4)
Click HERE for details.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: This promotion and promotion code have expired.
Please CLICK HERE for the most current promotion.

All Things PowerShell

How to Download Windows PowerShell 1.0

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Documentation Pack

Windows PowerShell: Frequently Asked Questions

How Windows PowerShell Works

Windows PowerShell Team Blog

Windows PowerShell Getting Started Guide

Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Help Topics

Scripting with Windows PowerShell Script Center

The Script Center Script Repository (includes sample PowerShell Scripts)

Windows PowerShell SDK

Windows PowerShell Programmer’s Guide

Windows PowerShell Class Library (Managed Code Reference)

Windows PowerShell V2 Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3)

Blog Post: What’s New in V2?

Don Jones on Windows PowerShell Constructs (Branches, Loops, Variables)

Don Jones’ “Scripting Answers” site

Accessing WMI From Windows PowerShell

PowerShell “Tips of the Week” Archive

The VBScript-to-PowerShell Conversion Guide

Jeffrey Snover Presentation on PowerShell V2

Ben Pearce’s Excellent Presentation on PowerShell and WMI

Jeffrey Snover and Ben Pearce Presentation: Managing Large Infrastructures with PowerShell V2

Ben Pearce’s Blog: “Benp’s Guid to Stuff”

Codeplex: James O’Neal’s PowerShell Management Library for Hyper-V

Connections PowerShell

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