Breaking News: Exchange Server “14” has a name! And the BETA is available today!

Exchange 2010 Microsoft announced today that the next version of Microsoft Exchange (previously known as version 14) is now called Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Here’s the MS PressPass article about it.

Great name!  Surprised?


I didn’t think so.  But the good news is that the beta is now available today as well.  You can get it here.  Is that better?


How about this.. it is currently scheduled to be released before the end of the year.  Great?


It’s even better than that: 

· Exchange 2010 is the first server in a new generation of Microsoft server technology designed and developed to work on-premises and as an online service.

· With this version, people will find it easier to conquer inbox overload and be more productive.

· The release brings customers a new integrated e-mail archive to help organizations get control of personal files (.PST files) and meet e-discovery needs.

· The next wave of the Office related products will help people become more productive across the PC, phone and browser.

· Microsoft will release the technical preview of Microsoft Office related products in Q3 2009 with RTM in H12010. Exchange Server 2010 will become available in the second half of 2009.

And that’s just the high-level view.  For more details, watch the Exchange Team’s Blog or the Exchange Site.

Here also is a “what’s new” page.

Also – a little known but interesting tidbit.. As of the release of the beta, we already have over 6 million mailboxes running on Exchange 2010. 

“Did you say ‘6 million’?”

Yes.  But I really meant 5 million.  (6 million sure got your attention though..didn’t it?)  Five million or six.. that’s what I like to call “a lot”.  ExchangeLabs, which is now, and the foundation for our “Live@Edu” support of mailboxes for many schools and Universities.  I don’t know if any product has ever been put through this kind of testing prior to release.  Main point: My mother-in-law is using OWA on Exchange Server 2010 before YOU are.  (smile)

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