Geeky-Cool: An IT Evangelists Wedding

Their wedding and web site An IT Evangelist (so you know he’s cool), Narenda Wicaksono just shared an interesting story with those of us on an internal e-mail distribution list. 

The story could have been titled: How true love (and technology) overcame all obstacles (and costs!). 

His e-mail described it like this:

“Living in a country with rich culture like Indonesia make us have to follow the tradition, particularly if we want to get married. We have to invite all of our friends. This tradition can causing a problem if you have a lot of friends, especially in term of budget. But we have the technologies that Kintan and Narencan enable us to save cost. This is what we called a Green Wedding.”

Narenda and his bride Kintan were able to share their traditional Indonesian wedding with ALL of their friends.  The tradition includes inviting ALL of your friends; even if they number some 2000, from all over the world.  Using the Internet, and products such as Office Communications Server 2007 LiveMeeting, Silverlight Streaming (Live), Windows Media Services 2008 and IIS7, and several cameras (some static, but many robotic controlled using by Robotics Studio), they were able to keep the tradition, while taking advantage of technology to help cut costs.

Plus, it’s just too geeky-cool!

Check out their site, where you can watch the recorded stream of their wedding, as well as read their blogs and see photos from the happy day.

And congratulations, Kintan and Naren!  Thank you for sharing your special day with all of us!

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