Ooo.. Microsoft buying Citrix would be cool…


What do you think?  Last week I attended a few presentations by both Citrix and VMware, and heard all about their respective VDI solutions.  Citrix has always built amazing things and added pretty decent value on top of Microsoft platforms, and that platform is going to get oh-so-much-better with the addition of native VDI support in Windows Server 2008 R2

3 thoughts on “Ooo.. Microsoft buying Citrix would be cool…

  1. MS could use the energy that would get injected in to the company from any major acquisition at this point: facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter, Citrix, etc. Some obviously make more sense than others. My #1 is get Twitter at all costs.


  2. Twitter?  Really?  Hmm… I respectfully disagree, Chris (Great to see you at TechEd, by the way.  Too bad we didn’t get a chance to hang out a bit.  Maybe next year in ‘nawlin’s.)  Twitter is a great idea, and Microsoft is dipping its toes in the water with its own similar offering (Microsoft Vine:  But the business world is just now coming to appreciate and look for good solutions for centrally managed virtualized desktops.  Citrix has a great start on making this happen.  
    Just my opinion, though.  Thank you for sharing yours!  
    Any others?


  3. Microsoft buying Citrix would be wonderful.  It would make learning the product easier since Microsoft makes learning of all their products easy.  Great to buff up the job skills!


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