Screencasts of Windows 7 Demos

Hey all,

Last week I delivered a couple of TechNet Webcasts, the first of which was on Windows 7.  It was the first of a whole series of Windows 7 TechNet Webcasts.  Immediately prior to the delivery of the webcast, I recorded my demos.  I’m finally done editing/rendering them, so I thought you might find them useful.  They’re up on TechNet Edge:

If you’re interested in seeing the entire webcast, you can see it HERE.

The resource page I put together for the webcast is HERE.

And HERE is the “Best of Q&A” from the webcast.

I hope you find these resources useful!


6 thoughts on “Screencasts of Windows 7 Demos

  1. I personally think you ought to change your Edge link to point to the high quality version of the video at
    It’s a million times clearer.
    All you need to do is to go into the edge post, media files tab, then set the value of the Windows Streaming Media link at the top to
    After that, save your changes and the Edge Silverlight player will use the high quality version.
    Don’t forget you can embed the Edge player right here on your blog with the video.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Keith.  I’ll do that link change.
    I’ll definitely embed when I have fewer screencasts to post about.. but I just wanted to use this as a handy place to get to for seeing links to all 5 of the related sessions.


  3. I didn’t understand the Federated Search demo.  Why was the file called TechNet and have the TechNet URL in the XML if it searched more than TechNet sites?  I assumed it was going to search only TechNet, or is that not the way Federated Search works?


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