Breaking News: “Bing Zips Past Yahoo To Be Number Two in Search”

The article

Hey Yahoo.. Bing this: 

Enterprise Software – Bing Zips Past Yahoo To Be Number Two in Search

My take…

As much as I love the news that Bing is now ahead of Yahoo! search, I’m not ready to celebrate just yet.  Sure, it’s cool that Bing has moved into the number two spot world-wide, but is that just as a result of people first trying something new, only to eventually go back to their old habits?  Or have they really found that they like to “Bing it” better than to “Yahoo it”?

And I’d also like to know if we’ve taken an equal (or greater) number of Googlers out there and converted them to Bingers.

Only time will tell.  Keep on Binging.

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: “Bing Zips Past Yahoo To Be Number Two in Search”

  1. What was MS thinking when they named this search engine?  Do they really want to be known as the home of "binging"?  It’s not a pretty thought.  We have enough people who are out of control with portions of their lives and now you guys are adding to that with "binging".


  2. Well.. I’ll be honest with you – I don’t know what "binging" is.  Apparently it’s a lesser-known slang term that the Marketing people didn’t know or couldn’t find, either – because you know they do try and do some very thorough research around a name and all of the ways it is currently used, or could be interpreted – including what it may mean in other languages.


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