Webcast Coming Up: Forrester on Windows 7 ROI

Webcast Registration

Are you still on the fence about Windows 7?  Are you wondering whether it is worth your time?  Are you wishing you had some proof that would help you convince your boss that now is the time to start rolling it out?

“How did you know?”

I’m a lot like you.  And I got an e-mail about this webcast coming up on Monday, Feb 22, 2010 entitled “Momentum Webcast: Windows 7 Enterprise Return on Investment: New Forrester Study and Model (Level 100)”.  Here is the webcast description:

Event Overview

On the fence with Windows 7 operating system adoption? In this challenging economic climate, every IT investment needs to show a strong, tangible financial return. To help organizations assess the business value of migrating PC infrastructures to Windows 7, analysts Ben Gray and Jeffrey North of Forrester conducted an in-depth study of 12 enterprise early adopters. This informative webcast details the results from these industry thought leaders and illustrates how the new Forrester Total Economic Impact model can be used to estimate Windows 7 savings in a variety of organizations. We discuss the impact Windows 7 has on operating costs, client manageability, help desk calls, remote PC management, power consumption, management automation, and compliance; and we show you how to use the Total Economic Impact model.

Presenters: Benjamin Gray, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research and Jeffrey North, Principal Consultant, Forrester Research

You can register to attend the live webcast, or to watch the recording from the webcast, HERE.

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