Are you moving to Windows 7? Are you looking for IE6-to-IE8 Migration Information?

Chris "The App Compat Guy" Jackson

“Hey Kevin.. I want to deploy Windows 7, and hear good things about IE8, but I don’t know how to start evaluating what I need to make the move off of Internet Explorer 6.  I am sure I have at least one critical application that might not work in IE8, and need to know what it takes to plan for and perform the upgrade.”

Chris Jackson (“The App Compat Guy”) is hosting a set of webcasts that will help you answer those questions, and give you a good summary of the options you have as well as the tools available.  And it’s not just one webcast held at one time, but at several times so that you can attend the one that fits your schedule best, and get your questions answered LIVE as well.

From an announcement I saw about the webcast:

imageYou are probably excited about the new Windows 7 operating system, and the Windows Internet Explorer 8 Web browser comes as part of the package. You may have seen the demos of new features and tools that are available, but you are still using Internet Explorer 6. The demos are sometimes simplified, with pages with a single issue conveniently fixed using a click of a button. But it is definitely not that easy. You could have thousands of apps, many of them packaged, or you could be prevented from accessing the code because it is part of a product you bought.  

Attend this demonstration-heavy webcast, have your questions answered by the experts and learn what IT professionals do in real-world scenarios to configure, manage, deploy, and ensure the compatibility of their Web applications with Internet Explorer 8.

Click this link to sign up for a webcast that best fits you schedule. Each session will include a 45-minute pre-recorded session, with live chat Q&A with an IE expert during the session, and 15 minutes of phone Q&A at the end. Times have been varied to maximize coverage across international time zones.

The LINK above is the webcast “month view” calendar, on which you’ll find the links to the webcasts.  But if you’d like to know the specific dates and times…

“What are the specific dates and times?”

I was just getting to that.  Here they are:

  • Tues, Feb 16 10 am PST
  • Fri, Feb 19           3pm PST
  • Mon, Feb 22       1 pm PST
  • Tues, Feb 23       8 am PST
  • Wed, Feb 24       6 pm PST
  • Thurs, Feb 25     10 am PST
  • Fri, Feb 26           12 pm (noon) PST
  • Mon, Mar 1        11 am PST
  • Tues, Mar 2        7 pm PST
  • Wed, Mar 3        4 pm PST
  • Thurs, Mar 4       8 pm PST
  • Fri, Mar 5             2 pm PST
  • Sun, Mar 7          10 pm PST
  • Tues, Mar 9        6 am PST
  • Thurs, Mar 11    7 am PST
  • Sun, Mar 14        9 pm PST
  • Tues, Mar 16      9 am PST
  • Thurs, Mar 18    12 pm (noon) PST
  • Mon, Mar 22      1 pm PST
  • Tues, Mar 23      5 pm PST

So look for these on the calendar.  Register.  Register for more than one.  Attend, learn, and ask your questions.  And move to IE8 when you’re ready!

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