TechEd Diary: Spot the Geek!

Flying out.Dear TechEd Diary,

Here I am at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, sitting at gate G17 awaiting my Delta flight to New Orleans.  And already I’ve seen a few other suspiciously looking geeky people at the gate.  It’s a fun little game I call “spot the geek”.

“Really, Kevin… you’re being inconsiderate.?”

On the contrary, I mean it in the very best sense of the word.  I know there are going to be many people on this plane heading to New Orleans and TechEd North America 2010.  And I bet a few of them are just as excited as I am.  But not many.  TechEd is by far my most favoritest  (Yes, it’s a word.  It is now, anyway.) conference.  I’ve only missed TechEd ‘93, ‘96, and ‘97.  Other than that I’ve been to every one of the TechEd’s in North America; both as a customer and as an employee.  (Hint: It’s always fun, but it’s more fun being a customer.)

“So.. what are you looking forward to most this year?”

Well.. happily, and quite selfishly, I’ve been given the rare opportunity to simply attend the conference this year.  No booth duty (unless I volunteer to help someone out in a pinch), no TechEd Online video interviews as I’ve done in years past.  Just attend, learn, mingle, and ENJOY all that is TechEd.  And part of the enjoyment for me will be to do some heavy blogging about what I’ve learned and seen, who I met, and what I enjoyed while there.  I’m also going to be recording a lot of video, and compiling the results into several video diary entries.  I might even get to interview a couple of folks about what they’ve learned this week as well.

And, well, I mean… It’s New Orleans!  What’s not to love?  You may find me having a Hand Grenade at the Tropical Isle, or singing a song at the Cat’s Meow.  (C’mon up and sing with me.  I don’t mind.)

So… Watch this space!  It’s going to be a great week!

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