FREE Boot-Camp for Windows Phone 7 Developer Wannabe’s

…and if you’re a developer, you definitely wannabe.

Microsoft is holding some free “boot camp” style events soon for developers interested in learning Windows Phone 7 development . 

“Boot camp?  What’s that?”

It’s a full day of intense introductory training; in this case training on how to get started building applications for Windows Phone 7.  Here is the description from the registration page:

Event Overview

Join us for a day of Windows Phone 7 hands-on training. You’ll learn how to build Silverlight-based applications that take advantage of the many Windows Phone 7 platform features.

We’ll introduce all the basic concepts required to get started building Silverlight applications including the Windows Phone 7 platform and frameworks as well as the designer and developer tools. We’ll also cover the process for submitting your application or game to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Bring your laptop! Topics covered will be reinforced with an opportunity to explore hands-on-labs using your own laptop. Windows Phone 7 experts will be on hand to help you explore Windows Phone 7 development.

PRE-REQUISITE:  Bring your ideas and design specs and prepare to build. You’ll also need a computer installed with the Windows Phone Developer Tools available here. The required tools for installation are located here. Seating is limited, due to the hands-on nature of this afternoon lab and the opportunity for one-on-one instruction from Windows Phone 7 experts.  Register today.

“Cool!  Sign me up!”

Hang on there, Junior.  Here are the cities and dates (2010), with links to the registration pages.  You can sign yourself up:

“Are you going to be at any of these, Kevin?”

Well.. I’m not a developer.  At least not anymore.  (I used to be a C++ expert developing for Windows 3.1) But I’m probably going to attend the Minneapolis event this Tuesday.  I’ve downloaded all the tools, and might go through a tutorial or two before then.

See you there?

2 thoughts on “FREE Boot-Camp for Windows Phone 7 Developer Wannabe’s

  1. I'm sure there are – but it's really up to that country's or area's subsidiary to determine specifically how they're goign to support developers and get them up-to-speed on writing applications for Windows Phone 7.  Check the localized Microsoft events web site ( should redirect you there), or contact your local sales office.


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