Secure enough for ya?

“Kevin.. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Windows Azure  But how secure is it?”

Great question.  And in fact, when I speak to people and audiences about Windows Azure, and I ask them “So, what are your biggest concerns about cloud-based services such as Windows Azure?”, the bet is so sure that someone will yell “Security!” that this my next slide in the deck:

How did I know you were going to say that?

So of course I want to share with you additional resources around Security and Microsoft’s online offerings whenever I become aware of them.  And this blog post is no exception.  I’ve recently learned about a new Whitepaper that delivers a clear overview of the state of security in Windows Azure; what security controls, functionality, and operations take place to ensure a secure environment for your Windows Azure-hosted applications and data.

Here is the post about the whitepaper on the Windows Azure Team Blog

And here is the direct link to the whitepaper.

2 thoughts on “Secure enough for ya?

  1. Hey Kevin.  I found an interesting "feature" with your blog.  Did you know that when I view your blog with IE7 or Firefox 3.6.8 and I change the view from "Full" to "Excerpt", it changes the view of Keith Combs' blog (…/keithcombs) and the Windows Server Division blog (…/windowsserver).  
    From what I can see on the Windows Server Division blog, it has a setting that is different than your, by default.  If I change your view from "Full" to "Excerpt", it matches the Windows Server Division blog, so it doesn't look like anything happened.  When I did this, Keith's blog changed to the "Excerpt" view, but his blog doesn't have the choice for those settings, at least that I could see.
    When I changed your blog view back to "Full", both the Windows Server Division and Keith's blog go to "Full" view.
    If you don't want to publish this comment on the blog, you don't have to.  This is just me trying to get you a message.


  2. Wow… That is interesting.. And I think I know what you're seeing…
    When you switch to Excerpt mode, you're also switching it for the next blog you enter that is on
    You'll see that if you were to open up Keith's and my blog up on two separate tabs, the mode will be the same.  Switch mine to Excerpt mode, and then go to the tab that Keith's blog is on and hit F5 to refresh the view – and presto.. his blog is also in Excerpt mode.  That happens for the Windows Server Team blog, too.  
    Apparently some blogs have tweaked the style sheets so much as to remove that option – but it's still there if you flip the switch on my blog or some other blog under
    Not a big deal.. but I agree, it's very interesting.  Thanks for pointing that out.


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