The Cloudy Summary (“Cloudy April” – Part 30)

I'm so glad we had this time together...If you’re living under a rock (or have better things to do) you may have missed the fact that all this month (April 2011) I’ve been creating one post each day having something to do with “the cloud”.

“Yeah.  I saw that.”

And today, as a grand finale, I thought I’d list out titles and link to each and every one of them, so that you can save this link and have fast access to all the goodness that was my “Cloudy April” series.  So without further adieu…

“’without further adieu’?  What does that mean, really?  Who says that?  You never do…”

Yeah.. I don’t know.  Sorry. Take two:

So here they are – My “Cloudy April” series blog posts:

  1. “Cloudy April” Part 1- Full of I.T. with my head in the clouds
  2. The Cloud Ate My Job! ( Cloudy April – Part 2)
  3. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.. Oh my! ( Cloudy April – Part 3)
  4. Getting SAASy ( Cloudy April – Part 4)
  5. Those stupid To the Cloud! Commercials ( Cloudy April – Part 5)
  6. No thanks. I’ll PaaS. ( Cloudy April – Part 6)
  7. Windows Azure – the SQL! ( Cloudy April – Part 7)
  8. Was it cloudy at MMS 2011- (“Cloudy April”–Part 8)
  9. But what about security- (“Cloudy April”–Part 9)
  10. Your Cloud Browser (“Cloudy April”–Part 10)
  11. Let’s Chat Business (“Cloudy April”–Part 11)
  12. Are You Cloud-Certified- (“Cloudy April” – Part 12)
  13. Cloudy TechNet Events (“Cloudy April” – Part 13)
  14. The Springboard Series Tour Is Back, and Partly Cloudy! (“Cloudy April” – Part 14)
  15. InTune with the Cloud (“Cloudy April” – Part 15)
  16. I want my.. I want my.. I want my Hyper-V Cloud (“Cloudy April” – Part 16)
  17. More Hyper-V Goodness (“Cloudy April” – Part 17)
  18. Show me the money! (“Cloudy April” – Part 18)
  19. TechEd North America Cloudiness (“Cloudy April” – Part 19)
  20. Cloud Power-to-the-People! (“Cloudy April”–Part 20)
  21. Are you subscribed- (the “15%-off” deal) (“Cloudy April” – Part 21)
  22. Your Office in the Clouds. 24×7. “365” (“Cloudy April” – Part 22)
  23. Cloud-in-a-Box (“Cloudy April” – Part 23)
  24. Building Cloudy Apps (“Cloudy April” – Part 24)
  25. Manage Your Windows Azure Cloud (“Cloudy April” – Part 25)
  26. The Role of the VM Role Role (“Cloudy April” – Part 26)
  27. What’s new in SCVMM 2012 – (“Cloudy April” – Part 27)
  28. Serve Yourself (“Cloudy April” – Part 28)
  29. Cloudy Server Configuration Advice (“Cloudy April” – Part 29)
  30. The Cloudy Summary (“Cloudy April” – Part 30)

CAUTION: Clicking that last link will cause your browser to enter an infinite loop.  Fortunately, Windows Azure can complete that loop in 0.04 seconds.

Have you found the series useful?  I sincerely hope so.  I’d love to discuss any of these topics further with you in the comments. 

Thanks for reading, participating, and hopefully enjoying these articles.  If you’ve enjoyed reading them just half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, then I’ve enjoyed them twice as much as you. 

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