Cloud on Your Terms Part 20 of 30: San Antonio, have you seen a lot of H2O? Data Center

You can evaluate the same software we run our datacenters on.Have you ever wondered how Microsoft supports so much scale online for our online services such as Hotmail, Windows Azure, Windows Live, Windows Updates, etc.?

“Yes, I have.  You must have a massive datacenter!”

Actually, we have many massive datacenters.  “More than 10, but less than 100” is what I am told.  Today in part 20 of our Cloud on Your Terms series, John Weston talks about our field trip to see one of those datacenters in San Antonio, TX, and directs you to more information on the team at Microsoft that is responsible for them. 

Check out his post HERE. 

And if you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for links to all of the articles available so far at

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