Cloud on Your Terms Part 21 of 30: Setting up an inexpensive SAN

Evaluation software for building your private private cloud.Back in part 10 of our cloud series, I described how I configured my own “Private Private Cloud”.  One of the important elements of my test lab was to have a foundation that would support Windows Failover Clustering and the Live Migration of virtual machines.  To do this in my “test lab” (the spare bedroom that is my downstairs office), I needed to have an inexpensive storage solution that supported it.

Today in part 21, Brian Lewis goes into detail about some additional options you have for building a SAN using inexpensive hardware.  I might even have to put this on my Christmas list now.

Enjoy Brian’s part 21 HERE.

And if you have missed any of the series posts, check out my summary post for links to all of the articles available so far at

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