How fast does a touchscreen really need to be?

Geek out!  (Le Geek, C'est Chic!)I thought this was pretty interesting.. so for a lighter, geeky-cool post on a Friday afternoon, as I’m busy waiting for large file copies in my home office lab to complete, I thought I’d share it with you.

Microsoft Research recorded a demonstration of how responsive a typical touchscreen operating system is, and how much better the experience could be if the latency (the time between the screen sensing the finger move and the visual feedback of something moving on the screen) could be reduced. 

Check it out:



(Credit: @TechCrunch’s tweet about Chris Velazco’s article on Tech Crunch – found HERE.)

Do you want that kind of experience?  I sure hope our hardware partners are going to give us this kind of amazing experience with Windows 8

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