NEW System Center 2012 CTPs for Windows Server “8” beta

(CTP = Community Technology Preview – which means “earlier than beta”) 

Late on Friday the System Center Virtual Machine Manager Blog released a post enthusiastically titled “System Center 2012 CTP for Windows Server ‘8’ Beta support now available!!!”.  It would seem the System Center team is looking for early feedback on running System Center against the next version of Windows Server (currently codename Windows Server “8”).  And they are particularly interested in people trying out even newer Virtual Machine Manager and Data Protection Manager components, to test how they work with some of the new and exciting features in Server 8.

An EARLY version“But…this is a CTP?  I thought System Center 2012 was already in the Release Candidate phase.”

It is.  But the soon-coming release of System Center 2012 won’t have support for Windows Server “8”, which will still be in beta (or maybe RC – I don’t know the exact timings here) when System Center is released.  Support for Server 8 features such as the new VHDX disk format, “shared nothing” live migrations, and live storage migration won’t be directly supported in System Center 2012 until after Server “8” is released, probably in the form of an update to System Center.  These CTPs are the first publically available versions of those updated System Center components.

“These ‘CTPs’?  There’s more than one?”

Well.. I say that because what you’ll be getting is not the entire System Center 2012 product set, but only the CTPs of new Virtual Machine Manager and Data Protection Manager components that have the necessary new functionality.


  1. CLICK HERE to get the CTPs of VMM and DPM, and
  2. Give your FEEDBACK HERE.

Are you going to try this out?  I will, very soon.  Let us know your thought or experiences with this in the comments (after providing feedback to the SC team, of course).

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