Dear TechEd Diary – June 11, 2012

Great day #1 of TechEd 2012!

Last night’s Krewe of TechEd party at Howl at the Moon was a lot of fun.  Thanks to all of the sponsors that made it possible. 


This morning I started the day very early.  The “Twitter Army” held a 7:30am “briefing”, which I attended.  Got to have a little breakfast, got a nice Twitter Army pin, and got my marching orders. 


Today’s opening keynote by Satya Nadella, the president of the Server and Tools Division at Microsoft was very good, but as usual the crowd control left something to be desired.  (Thousands of people just don’t move quickly through the channeled walkways.)

The “Foundational” session I chose to attend was entitled “Modernizing your Datacenter”, which turned out to be a very good introduction to Windows Server 2012

After lunch with Brian Lewis, Harold Wong, Yung Chou, and Bob Hunt, I attended a VDI “lessons learned” session, and part 1 of Jeff Woolsey’s excellent Introductions to Hyper-V.

“What are you doing now, Kevin?”

Brian and I checked out the Allumni Lounge before heading back to the room.  I wanted to dump off my bag and pick up my cameras and other things I’ll need for tonight’s Tech Expo opening night reception.  I hope to hand out a bunch of my “Full of I.T.” buttons tonight.  Smile

“Aren’t you taking video of TechEd also, Kevin?”

Yes, I am.. but there just isn’t enough time to put together video diary entries and ALSO attend and get the most out of TechEd.  It involves creating, editing, rendering, posting, and embedding.  I’ll post some videos soon – along with some “Full of I.T.” testimonials, perhaps later this week.

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