TechEd Memories – My Bottle Collection

Okay.. this is purely for fun, but I thought it was time to share my collection of some of my Microsoft TechEd doo-dads with all of you.  (We are celebrating 20 years of TechEd, this year, are we not?)    TechEd is and has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I have been attending nearly every year since 1994; only missing 1996 and 1997 when my boss wouldn’t let me go.  Sad smile  In addition to some of the TechEd Bags, and the cheap plastic wristwatch from 1994, I have collected and saved little tidbits of TechEd history.

Water Bottles from TechEd North America


So here are my bottles.  Click on each for a better look.

1999 – Dallas, Texas

1999 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

I thought it was geeky enough for Microsoft to create more than one design for the water bottles they gave us, that I took two of them home with me.  That’s what got me hooked.


2000 – Orlando, Florida

2000 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

Because I was attending my 5th TechEd, I was admitted into their exclusive “Star Club” area.  And they had their own exclusive water bottles.  The theme for the year was “It’s time to build the business Internet.”  I think we’ve succeeded.


2001 – Atlanta, Georgia

2001 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

The theme was “Feeding time for your brain.”  I went to this one with a coworker named Greg.  I remember the Jam Sessions (sponsored by NetIQ, several nights of them) being particularly good.  This was also one of the few years that we had a keynote delivered by Bill Gates himself.  And at the party we celebrated 10 years of Visual Basic with Tower of Power and Paul Rogers as the main entertainment.


2002 – New Orleans, Louisiana

2002 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

This was my fourth TechEd in New Orleans, which is really my favorite TechEd location.  The water bottles that year were sponsored by Intel.

2003 – Dallas, Texas

2003 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

KVS sponsored the water this year.  The MCP party was at some raceway park.  Lots of rain.  At the all-attendee party we were entertained by Smashmouth and The Wallflowers.  This would be my last TechEd as simply an attendee, and not a Microsoft employee.


2004 – San Diego, California

2004 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

Water sponsored by Quest Software.  This was my first TechEd as an employee, representing and working at the Microsoft TechNet booth.  The MCP/MCT party we handed out these really sweet flowered “IT Hero” Hawaiian shirts.  I try to wear it again at least once a year at TechEd.  

2005 – Orlando, Florida

2005 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

AMD were the sponsors of our water.  The theme of the year was “Learn.  Solve.  Grow.” 

2006 – Boston, Massachusetts

2006 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

IMG_4704This was the one and only TechEd North America held in Boston.  I remember that it was good, but we all spent way too much time in shuttle busses.  I did happen upon and get to share a beer with the one-and-only Mary Jo Foley.   The all-attendee party was at Fenway Park, where we were entertained by Train and Jet.

2007 – Orlando, Florida

2007 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

The bottle says “VoIP AS YOU ARE”, so I’m guessing the OCS product team were the water providers that year. 

2008 – Orlando, Florida

2008 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

Second year in a row in Orlando.  I prefer when they mix it up a bit more.  This year TechEd made the move to a more earth-friendly approach by giving us each one refillable bottle; sponsored by NetApp in this case.  The party was at Universal Studios.  I remember spending much of that show in a little Plexiglas-enclosed room doing TechEd video interviews.

2009 – Los Angeles, California

2009 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

EMC were the providers of the bottle this year.  Los Angeles’ TechEd was earlier in the year (Mid May) than most others (early-to-mid June).

2010 – New Orleans, Louisiana

2010 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

Ahh!  Back to my favorite TechEd location!  EMC provided the bottles. 
Hmm.. did Microsoft steal the metro-esque icon idea from this design? 

2011 – Atlanta, Georgia

2011 - Water Bottles from TechEd North America

Atlanta is really a pretty great place to hold TechEd.  EMC once again provided the bottles.  The party was on the grounds and in the facilities of the Georgia Aquarium and the World Of Pepsi Coke museum.

2012 – Orlando, Florida (*the new one!*)


My memories of TechEd 2012 here in Orlando are still being written.  Stay tuned!

Is this the most geeky thing you’ve ever seen?  Let me know in the comments!  Smile

5 thoughts on “TechEd Memories – My Bottle Collection

  1. Hi Guowen,
    Yea.. I've got those, too.  I should sort them out one of these days and see how many I have. Maybe I'll post that collection next year. 🙂


  2. Nice collection. This was my first TechEd and I loved it.  One small problem 🙂  Somehow I lost the stopper from the inside of the lid of my water bottle. I can see from your picture that it still has the paper inside. Per chance, does that have the manufacturer of said bottle? My wife loves the bottle and is a little miffed that it is no longer spill proof. So, I'd like to be able to possibly get a replacement stopper.


  3. Hi Scottie,
    I checked for you, but unfortunately there's nothing on the lid or on the slip of paper ("Care & Use Instructions") that have any clue about who the manufacturer is.
    Best of luck!


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