It’s “Shark Week” on Full of I.T.! here's the REAL Shark Week

Yes indeed!  It’s SHARK WEEK on FULL OF I.T.!   This is the week of the year that we get aggressive here on the blog!  We stir up the waters and bait the hooks with tasty I.T. goodness!  We rip our competitors to shreds!  We…

“Hey Kevin… Aren’t you just stealing this idea from the Discovery Channel?”

Huh?  They have a Shark Week, too?  No.. they probably stole it from me. 

“25 years ago?”

And besides, this is completely different.  I don’t have a big car company sponsor like they do.

Anyway, this week I’m going to be commenting on and linking to resources that compare and contrast Microsoft’s solutions to our nearest competitors, as well as adding some of my own commentary.  (Carefully worded, of course.  I don’t want to be fired.)  And I invite you to join the discussion if you completely disagree with me; or if you just want to add a “yeah!”… either way is perfectly fine with me.

“So, what’s the topic today?”

I have a lot to say with regard to VMware in comparison to Hyper-V in the soon-to-be-launched Windows Server 2012.   And I know two things for sure about this topic:

  1. If you’re doing virtualization today, you’re probably using VMware, and
  2. You’re likely either already trying or will soon be trying Hyper-V as an alternative.

So today I thought I’d throw a few quick stats into the water, to whet your appetite and get you thinking about how Hyper-V compares** to VMware…

Capacity Comparisons

Notice that we’ve included a comparison with both the free vSphere Hypervisor as well as the not-so-free top-of-their-line vSphere 5.0 Enterprise Plus version.

“But why didn’t you include the free Microsoft Hyper-V Server in this chart?”

I did.  Everything you see here in terms of capability, you get with both the free Microsoft Hyper-V Server as well as Hyper-V that is included in Window Server 2012.  There is no additional cost associated with capacities that will allow you to run the biggest, baddest, great-whitest workloads you can imagine.


Okay.. it was a stretch.

Want more details?


Happy Cartoony Shark

**I realize that things change.  VMware will likely soon improve their capabilities to better compete with Microsoft’s Hyper-V.  As they should.  These numbers come from a good talk given by Matt McSpirit at TechEd North America 2012.  I highly recommend viewing the recording of his session HERE.


What do you think?  What else would you like me to compare?  Point me to the shark-infested waters, and let’s see if I can tread water!

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