Deploying VMs and Cloud Services – Migration and Deployment (Part 14 of 19) you building a highly virtualized datacenter?

Download the System Center 2012 w/SP1 Evaluation“Yep.”

Are you calling it a private cloud?

“Of course.  Isn’t it?”

No.  Well, at least not if virtualization is ALL you’re doing.  Part of the definition that Microsoft uses for a “cloud’ (which is based on the NIST definition found here) is that it support self-service.  Application and/or service owners need to be able to configure, deploy, monitor, and update their own resources being hosted in the cloud your datacenter is providing.  And to do that, you need the right tools.

Enter System Center 2012 SP1., and the App Controller component.  As my friend Yung Chou wrote in part 13 of our “Migration and Deployment” series, App Controller in System Center is a tool that allows common management of private and public cloud resources.  And today in part 14, Yung expands on that idea and writes how App Controller can be used as a self-service tool. 


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