Build a lab for free on Windows Azure–Migration and Deployment (Part 15 of 19)

Try Windows Azure FREE for 90 days!’m pretty sure that if you have been following my (or any of my teammates) blogs recently, you know a little something about Windows Azure.  You probably also know that you can get a free 90-day trial of Windows Azure very easily, with no obligation.  The benefit of that is that it becomes very easy to use hosted resources to build networking and virtual machines in an environment that can be used for testing and training, without actually requiring any additional local hardware. 

“Build it in the cloud?”

Build it in the cloud!

In part 15 of our “Migration and Deployment” series, my friend Brian Lewis describes some of his experiences in doing just that.  In fact, he takes it a step further in describing a way to build, configure, and then store virtual machine hard disks in Windows Azure Storage, and then grant the ability copy those into many student accounts for use as pre-built lab machines.

“Hey!  You guys could use that for your Hands-on-Labs at your IT Camps, couldn’t you?”

Stay tuned.  And in the meantime, READ BRIAN’S EXCELLENT ARTICLE HERE

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