Side load Windows 8 Apps without Configuration Manager – Migration and Deployment (Part 17 of 19)

Download the evaluation of Windows 8! you know, with the right policy and certificate in place, that you can deploy Windows 8 applications very easily?  In fact, once the pieces are in place, it’s as easy as running a script or launching an install from a file share.

“Basically as easy as most all older Windows applications, without the store?”

Exactly.  This is a process known as “side loading” Windows 8 applications.  Your organization can deploy trusted (and that’s an important word.  I’ll say it again: trusted) applications to your users without requiring them to get them from the public windows app store.

In part 17 of our 19-part “Migration and Deployment” series, Tommy Patterson describes how to configure policy, verify certificates, and deploy a Windows 8 app directly to a Windows 8 machine.


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