Deploy Windows 8 Apps with System Center – Migration and Deployment (Part 16 of 19)

It's not too late to get the System Center 2012 w/SP1 free evaluation, and try this out on your own!’re in the home stretch!  It’s the last week in February, and we only have a few more days of our “Migration and Deployment” series of articles left.  And wrapping out our final four, we’re going to tackle the topic of Windows 8 applications.  What options do we have, and what infrastructure choices (or changes) might we have to make when configuring, managing, deploying, and securing Windows 8 applications for our users; even beyond (in addition to, or even in place of) the Windows Store?

In part 16, Keith Mayer delivers a very detailed step-by-step guide on how to use System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager to manage and deploy Windows 8 applications.


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