Need a place to build and test your apps, but can’t afford the hardware?

Start your FREE TRIAL you are a developer, or if you are a member of an IT organization which supports a software development organization, then you know that sometimes you need more hardware than you can realistically afford.  And if you do buy the hardware, it becomes obsolete all-too-soon, or just sits there idle because the need for it was short-lived. 

Windows Azure Infrastructure Services can actually help with this.  Now you have a place to create machines that can host your development tools, and your test environment for quickly spinning up new machines for various configurations and scenarios. 

“One of the roadblocks to building a Windows 8 new interface application is that you need Windows 8 or Server 2012 to develop on. It just so happens that Microsoft has this great virtual server environment, called Windows Azure, where we can remote into a 2012 Server and build Windows 8 applications.”

That quote comes from today’s article by my friend Brian Lewis.  He covers this topic in today’s entry of our “20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services” series. 


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