So good. Must share. a Microsoft employee and as a $MSFT stockholder, I have to confess that I was THRILLED last night when I saw this commercial for the first time on TV…



So, if you were thinking of buying that should think again and get a real Windows 8 tablet! 

(Here’s the one in the commercial, if you’re interested: ASUS VivoTab Smart.)

3 thoughts on “So good. Must share.

  1. Just wish you could get a Surface Pro with built in 4G LTE.   I want my portables to be truly portable!


  2. Agreed.. that would be a great option.  And I confess that I don't know if any hardware makers are doing this yet. (I know the OS supports it, so it's really up to the manufacturer to build it.)  I expect we'll see some devices that do this before the end of the year.


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