VMware or Microsoft? – The Series Introduction

I smell blood in the water...http://mschnlnine.vo.llnwd.net/d1/inetpub/kevinremde/KROmniture.htmHello out there all of you virtualization fans!… all of you datacenter supermen and superwomen!… all of you who get excited when skillfully and elegantly applied information technology makes your work lives and the work lives of the people you support – and the businesses you provide value to – just so much better! 

We have a new 6-week blog series for you entitled “VMware or Microsoft?”

“Who’s ‘we’?  And what is the series about?”

We are the 11 IT Pro Technology Evangelists serving the United States on behalf of Microsoft.  And the series is.. well… let’s call it “Shark Week” for IT Pros.

“You mean.. like what just ended on the Discovery Channel?”

Exactly.  Except that instead of one week, it’s six weeks long.  And instead of sharks, it’s virtualization platform and management comparisons.  But in terms of ferocity, well.. they’re exactly the same.  (Minus the sharp teeth and all of that violence, of course.)  What we want to do during these six weeks is to dispel some of the myths and misinformation that is out there.  In this series we promise to provide you with articles that are rich in technical detail, proving that Hyper-V and System Center 2012 are the best choice for virtualization and serving up applications; whether your “clouds” are local, in the public cloud, at a hosting provider, or a combination of any of those. 

We also promise that, if we’re discussing an area where VMware simply has a better solution, or has a technology that Microsoft can’t match, we’ll acknowledge it honestly.  We know that, as Microsoft employees (and especially as a bunch of folks who hold the title of “Evangelists”), we automatically are seen as impartial.  And let’s face it: We are. (smile)  But we’re also confident enough in the products and the company that we represent to be able to just tell it like it is.  And we expect (and hope) that if you find something that should be corrected, that you’ll inform us of it in the comments on our blogs.  That’s what the comments are for, and we sincerely anticipate and appreciate all open and respectful discussion.

“Do you have a list of topics created?”

Yes, we do have a list.  But it’s definitely subject to change.  It’s no secret, and certainly no accident, that this series will be happening over the week when VMware will be holding their VMWorld conference.  So we know that our list might change drastically during that week as a result of the announcements and improvements that VMware will most certainly make.  They might even catch up to or surpass Microsoft in some areas where we currently hold the advantage.  In that light, we also reserve the right to discuss some improvements and new technologies soon to come in Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2.  (<— HINT: Click those links to download the previews of each of these.)

So.. watch our blogs, watch the series landing page, and get ready to be on the very edge of your swively office chair as you witness the carnage competition about to unfold…

6 thoughts on “VMware or Microsoft? – The Series Introduction

  1. Should this page be considered a landing page, where we can get links to all subsequent articles?
    Thanks, looking forward to this!


  2. Hi Jeffrey!
    I haven't yet put a landing-page together for the series; so thanks for the reminder!  You'll see that page up before the end of the day – along with an easy-to-remember aka.ms link.  🙂


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