Windows 10: What/Where the Deployment Tools Are

Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation’s been nearly a month since Windows 10 became publically available to all, so I’m sure all of you IT Pros who read my blog have been installing (and hopefully enjoying) Windows 10 on your personal machines, while at the same time beginning to think about how you’re going to support a rollout to your business users.  (Or not.  But if you’re not, you should.)

“Yes!  But are there any updated tools or kits to support us in our planning, assessments, and deployments?”

I’m glad you asked.  Just a few days ago, for example, the new version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, or MDT.  This is “Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2013 Update 1”. Details of this release can be found in the announcement that was posted on the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Team Blog.

“But Kevin, the download page for the MDT says that it requires a ‘Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10’.  What is that?”

As the title implies, the Windows ADK is multiple tools to assist in assessing upgradability, and tools to support tasks such as image capturing and applying, or modifying operating system images.  Put simply, the MDT leverages several of the tools that are in the Windows ADK, so those updated versions need to be there as well.

The full list of downloads for kits and tools is here: “Download kits and tools for Windows 10”.  Buried towards the bottom of that page is a link to “what’s new in the Windows ADK for Windows 10”, as well as the link to “download the Windows ADK for Windows 10”.

Have you used the tools?  Are you rolling out Windows 10?  Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, ask your questions, or throw in your anonymous rants in the comments.  Smile

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