This just in: More Updates to Azure Backup Azure Blog just posted some exciting news about improvements and updates to Azure Backup, specifically around the backup and retention of Azure Virtual Machines (VMs).

“Oh yeah?  How can they make it any better?”

Well, for starters.. How would you like to be able to retain a backup of a Virtual Machine for up to 99 years?

“That’s crazy.”

But it’s possible now.  And, you can even backup that virtual machine along with up to 16 attached data disks. 

Back to retention options, you now have more flexible weekly, monthly, and yearly settings; very much like what was already available for using Azure Backup for backing up local file system (Server or Client) data.

Example backup retention settings for retaining up to 99 years

They’ve also improved reporting and monitoring or control of VM backup jobs.  Downloadable summary reports on information on backup storage size are just a couple of examples.

For the full details and many more links to more useful information and resources, check out the Azure Team Blog article: Azure Backup update – New features in IaaS VM backup support

And if you’re in-or-near one of these cities on these dates…

…make sure you come to our TechNet on Tour event, where we’ll be providing more details on how to use Azure for Disaster Recovery, including a great Hands-on-Lab that works specifically with Azure Backup of a VM.

TechNet on Tour

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