12 Years being Full of I.T.

Full of I.T. is TWELVE!

That’s right!  This blog is 12 years old today!

Yep.  12 years ago today I entered my very first blog post.  And in the years that followed, it was a pleasure to bring the latest-news, technical resources, and sometimes just silly tech stuff to your browser of choice.

I know I haven’t been around much lately.  Priorities and “scorecards” have meant that I haven’t had as much time to create the fabulous content that many of you have been enjoying for 12 years now.   But that’s going to change really soon.  We’ve got a lot to talk about!  Keep watching this space.

In the meantime, if you would like other ways to check up on what’s happing in Kevin’s Microsoft IT and DevOpsy world, here are a few:

I’d say, “Here’s to another 12!”, but in all honesty, I hope to be retired long before then.

But don’t worry.  I will make sure you all know where to find my “Full of L.T.” blog.  (L.T. of course being “Leisure Time”)

Hey! I know this guy!

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