It’s been a long time…

I wonder how this will work?  I’m a complete WordPress newbie.. and I’m trying to set up a new, semi-compelling blog; one that will bring people back and not scare them away.

Back in the day (as recently as last week) I was a top blogger at Microsoft on my “Full of I.T.” blog.  For all I know (or care), that content is still there (and rightly the property of Microsoft).  But it’s all old stuff, and I don’t care about bringing it over here.  Nope, this is a new start for me and for you and our “blogship” (Blog + Friendship = “Blogship”.. I just made that up. No charge.)

So.. this is just my first attempt/test post using Open LiveWriter.

Update: It worked.  🙂

Update #2: I imported all the stuff from the TechNet blog.  Cool!

Full of I.T.
Kevin is Full of IT

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