Heroes happen { here } Launch Video Diary 4 – Columbus

Best quality video yet.  I figured out that so far the best way to render these is to do it all in Pinnacle Studio, and then just make sure the file is small enough (100mb max) for rendering the application in Expression Encoder, and then publishing the app to my Silverlight hosting through that.

“This one is shorter, too!”

Yeah.  I’ve learned that if I want 1280x720p at 30fps, I need to keep it under three minutes to stay under the 100mb limit.  And really, that’s as long as these little video diary entries need to be anyway.  I’ll compress more when I do some video interviews for, say, TechNet Edge.

Also, it’s shorter because I didn’t have my camera for the morning.  Yung Chou (newest team member) had one with him that I used.  I got my own back later in the day.

Anyway – here’s what things looked like in HD in Columbus, Ohio!

(Remember to double-click to go full screen!  It looks better that way!)

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