Heroes happen { here } Launch Video Diary 5 – Madison

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting Madison Wisconsin; not only for our HHH Launch event, but also for a delightful day speaking at the University of Wisconsin – Madison to lead a day of Windows Server 2008 training.

Here is my fifth in my series of video diaries for the launch events I’ve been attending and presenting at.  Hope you enjoy it!

HINT: Double-click it to see it full-screen.

NOTE: I’m getting better with this SilverLight publishing.. although I’m not too happy with the rendering that my video editing software is doing.  This was supposed to be a non-interlaced file, but the video produced by my video editing software sometimes really makes it look interlaced.  Sorry, Pinnacle.  I’m through fighting with your software.  Time for me to look at a new product.

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