Breaking News: A big day for updates!

DownloadA couple of big switches were flipped at Microsoft today.  And the status of two big updates changed as a result:

  1. Windows Vista SP1 – Now available via automatic update.
  2. Windows XP SP3 – RTM (Released to Manufacturing)

“Hey Kevin.. wasn’t SP1 for Vista released awhile ago?”

Yes.  But today is the day that it becomes available to anyone who has automatic updates enabled. 

“Why did it take so long to get it up as an automatic update?”

Because it’s a big update.  It really requires that the IT folks supporting it understand the update and get ready for rolling it out – either through their own efforts, or at least to understand how it will affect the desktops they’re responsible for when it is made available through automatic updates.

Unfortunately, no matter how much advanced notice and however many resources we make available, there will still be many who are not ready for the update.  We try hard to ease that, but it’s just a fact of life as a busy IT Pro… you don’t always have time to get as ready for something like this as you’d like to.

“So.. is Windows XP SP3 available via automatic updates as well?”

No.  Today it is RTM.  The word is that you’ll see it on Windows Update and the download center on April 29th, 2008. 

Here’s the announcement of the availability of SP3 for Windows XP.

“Hmm.. sounds like I should just install SP3 on my XP machines rather than looking at Vista, right?”

Wrong!  If you really investigate it, you’ll see that Vista is the RIGHT choice, RIGHT NOW.  Here are some resources that will help you in that investigation:

Seriously.. in the areas of Security, Manageability, Performance (yes, I mean it), Deployment, User Productivity, Mobility, Stability… and those are just for starters off-the-top-of-my-head!  You gotta go with Vista

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: A big day for updates!

  1. I was noticing some of the fringe decorations around your blog post and was curoius about your choice of TAGS – very funny stuff
    Keep up the good work.
    Why hasn’t Microsoft done a proper official release announcment?  It is surprising that the big breaking news comes out in a TechNet Forum.  Now if we can get the RDC v6.1 for Windows 2003, those of supporting Server 2008 with limited RDP only through HTTPS then life will be good.


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