Kevin’s TechEd Video Diaries – Part 1 – June 9, 2008

Conference Registration - click to see the full photo “Hey Kevin!  I know you were at TechEd US 2008 IT Pro last week.  Where are your blog entries about it?”

Well.. yeah.. It’s a really busy week!  Those of you who have followed my blog for the past couple of years know that I like to keep a diary of sorts about my daily activities at TechEd.  But this year I had to scale back, due to my commitment to the TechEd Online team to do video interviews and podcasts for their site.  (You may see some of my interviews up there already.  More will be posted in the coming weeks.  I’ll link to them in upcoming blog posts for those who are interested.)

The good news, however, is that I did take my video camera along for capturing a few video tidbits that I’m compiling into my usual Video Diaries; just like I did at my HHH Launch events.  Video does take some time to edit and render, however, so I wasn’t able to post these every night after the day’s activities as I would have liked.  But I do have at least 4 video diary entries in the works.  You’ll see them over the next several days.

So.. without further delay; here is video diary number 1:


Dear Video Diary,

Travel day!  The opening title screen background on the video is of the departing flight status board at MSP.  Flight was a little late getting out of the gate, and we had to circle Orlando for about 30 minutes to allow a storm to pass on through.  I’m glad my teammate/friend/roommate John Baker was patient and waited for me. 

“I thought you were the one who had the rental car, Kevin.”

Yeah.. he didn’t have much of a choice, did he.

Anyway.. we got to the hotel, went on a quick shopping trip to a nearby grocery, and then went to the convention center with more of our team to get registered. 

The bulk of the video is a kind of “unpackaging” video of the TechEd 2008 bag and its contents.  It’s probably one of the nicest bags we’ve gotten at any TechEd; though mine is already starting to rip towards the top of the right shoulder strap.

Here’s the video.  I hope you like it.

(Don’t forget to double-click to see in all its HD glory)

“Kevin… What is that music you’re using in your video?”

Like it?  It’s my brother Carl!  Actually.. the music over the title sequence is the band he’s in (Bat Makumba) and a portion of a song entitled “Quiero” off of their 2003 CD.  And the music during the fast-motion scan of bag contents is from Carl’s solo album “Explanation Point“.  The song is “At the Club”.  Carl is an amazing Bass player, and is also a gifted record producer.

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