Kevin’s TechEd Video Diaries – Part 2 – June 10, 2008

TechEd Online Fishbowl - Click to view the full pictureDear Video Diary,

Today started off with the opening keynote for the conference.  Bob Muglia gave a good talk about IT, naturally.

“What about Developers?”

That was last year.. and all the other US TechEds.  This is the first year that TechEd was split into a Developer week and an IT Pro week.  I did hear some people complain about not having both at one conference.. and I completely understand their frustration; having been a developer that also took on the IT responsibilities for my company before finally moving full-time into IT.  But on-the-whole, I think it is a better conference when we can focus specifically on a smaller set of topics.   And certainly the keynote was a good example of that.  Would I have liked to see BillG give a keynote?  Absolutely!  But it made more sense for him to be at the conference last week.

But..I digress.  The day for me included attending a couple of sessions, and recording two video interviews and two podcast interviews for TechEd Online

“Is that the ‘fishbowl’ in the picture where you did your interviews?”

Yes.  And you observant people may recognize Keith Combs.  He’s the guy in the brownish shirt looking at the display next to the fishbowl.

Later in the evening we attended the Partner Pavilion Reception.  I actually recorded about 20 minutes of walking around the expo hall.  I didn’t put all of it here, but I did take about 6 minutes of that and shrink it down to some fast-motion video.  (With Mozart playing, naturally.) 

After that we went to the TechNet Springboard launch party.  Congratulations to the Springboard team and to Celine Allee for a great job with the launch, the party, and resulting web resources.  GREAT STUFF!

Okay… here’s the video!

High Definition, folks.  Silverlight ROCKS.  Double-click to see what I mean.

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