TechEd Diary Day 1 – June 7, 2010


Dear TechEd Diary,

Today was the first day of TechEd, which of course involves getting registered (unless you arrive early enough the day before to get over to registration… which I didnt’t) followed by the Opening Keynote.  Bob Mugila and a cast of several “demo monkeys” impressed us all with where Microsoft is going in several important areas such as business collaboration, online services, phones, and management.  (If you want, you can view the recording of the keynote HERE.)

I attended a few sessions, went back to my room for a power nap, and then went to the Exhibit Hall Reception.  And after the reception a few of us went out to Bourbon Street to watch more people doing Karaoke.  (Yes, I participated, but didn’t get any footage this time.)

Enjoy the video diary:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

(For other renderings in different formats, go HERE.)

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