TechEd Diary Day 3 – June 9, 2010

Kevin Remde, Yung Chou, Evren Toktas, and John Baker Dear TechEd Diary,

It was another long day of sessions, followed by another long night of parties.  Actually, the first party was really a user group meeting disguised as a party.  My teammate and friend John Weston helped organize the first meeting for the group, and they used the fact that TechEd was in town to help promote the event and bring over some well known authors and tech-celebrities.

Following that, we went over again to the House of Blues for the “Customer and Partner Appreciation” party.  The food was great, and live music was outstanding!

Finally, as is becoming the habit, we made our way down Bourbon Street and ended up at The Cat’s Meow again.

Enjoy the video diary!



(For other renderings in different formats, go HERE.)

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