TechEd Diary Day 4 (Last of 5) – June 10, 2010

Mardi Gras World Dear TechEd Diary,

Unlike TechEd of years past, Thursday marked the very last day of the conference.  I went to a few sessions, but the best part of the day was the all-attendee party held for us at Mardi Gras World.  Food, live music, oppressive heat (wow.. it was hot in that warehouse) and good times.

Here is my 4th and final TechEd Video Diary, which documents some of the scenes from the evening.

I hope you’ve found these enjoyable.  I know there’s not much I.T. here.  I just wanted to share some fun.

(And I also wanted to share the singing debut of my friend and teammate John Weston.  Please forgive me, John.  I couldn’t resist.)

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(For other renderings in different formats, go HERE.)

2 thoughts on “TechEd Diary Day 4 (Last of 5) – June 10, 2010

  1. Thanks for posting these, Kevin.  Not much IT, as you said, but we got to live vicariously thru you a bit. 🙂


  2. …and I might get to attend an event such as this again…sigh.


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