Dear TechEd Diary – June 13, 2012

B.B. King's Blues Club - OrlandoHave you ever attended the TechEd Jam Session?  If not – you’re really missing out.  Last night we were at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Pointe Orlando.  Thanks to CommVault for sponsoring it this year!

Rather than try to describe it, here’s a quick video diary for you…

“Did you get to sing, Kevin?”

Nope.  Line of performers waiting to go on stage was long, and supposedly there was a signup sheet that I never got close to.   But I won an XBOX 360.

“Huh?!  You did?!  You can’t do that.  Isn’t that a conflict if you work for Microsoft and win a prize at TechEd?”

Don’t worry – I didn’t keep it.  But the lucky guy I was chatting with (sorry, friend, I’ve forgotten your name) standing next to me in line for the stage at the time sure seemed pleased when I quickly handed him the winning ticket and said “You won!  Get up there!”  Smile



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